What To Do When Your House Floods – A Houston Case Study

home flooding

Having a home flood is one of the worst and most dangerous things that can happen. Aside from the obvious dangers of electrical being affected by water and what can actually be in the water, what happens next with your home can be absolutely crucial.

It’s imperative to take care of the parts of the house that have been affected by moisture as soon as possible

When a house has been damaged by a flood, the moisture can stay within the walls for a very long time. That moisture can cause all sorts of damage, such as floors warping, wood in the walls warping, sheet rock absorbing the water, and it can cause a lot worse damage. This is why after a water leak, remediation companies will put several powerful fan blowers to dry the moisture as quickly as possible. The longer that water stays, the worse the damage can possibly be.

When it comes to the structure of a home, if moisture sticks around too long it can cause the frame to absorb the water and expand, which may then even affect the exterior walls. Even with brick houses, an exterior wall can be pushed nearly off the foundation and the brick will literally crumble. This type of damage can lead to the worst case scenario — a full tear-down. In that type of a situation, the home can only be sold for its lot value, which leaves most homeowners out of luck when it comes to trying to put any money in their pocket, or worse, get out of the home’s mortgage.

The absolute most important thing to do is remediate the home as soon as possible. Then try to contact any insurance company that is available. If FEMA or any other loan sources are unable to assist with the financing for repairs, and if you are unable to cover the costs yourself, then you may consider buying from a real estate investor who is willing to close on the home and pay cash for it. In this type of a situation, you may be able to get rid of the home that has now become a burden off your shoulders. There are different kinds of investors who may be able to help — wholesalers who will help you find a buyer, and a home flipper who will be looking to remodel the home and sell it for a profit. These difference between these two could mean the difference in the time in takes to actually sell the home. In either case, these houston real estate investors will be able to pay cash and close quickly on the house.

You should also check out these tips regarding home flooding to know what are the most immediate things to do when the flood initially happens, and what you should do once the water has receded in order to keep the home in as good condition as possible.

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